The Current Issue

On 14 April, The Catwalk Instinct will be released by the Department of Photography at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar’s Faculty of Media. The seventh issue of Loom tackles a broad variety of approaches on the topic of fashion ­–­­­­­ on and off the catwalk: the questions of fashion design and production, aesthetic presentation and critical reception, cultural meaning and  social conventions.

Students and alumni of the Bauhaus Universität involved numerous fashion professionals and fashion critics in this issue of Loom: fashion blogger Style/Clicker, the label Vilde Svaner and local hatmaker Claudia Köcher are featured or interviewed in The Catwalk Instinct sharing their views on the fashion world. »We wanted the students to work in the context of fashion professionals. This is not an attempt of product placement or commercial promotion but a matter of exploring a realistic work environment with one’s camera.« Alexander Lembke explains.

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